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In most situations, a single-point sling is hard to beat; it gives the shooter freedom of movement, allowing them to aim freely, move quickly and when not in use, push the bow to your side in order to move about and use both hands. Fully adjustable with flexible nylon, the Killer Instinct Single Point Sling includes a picatinny rail mount and quick release buckle for instant detach/connect. Keep your crossbow perfectly balanced with the barrel pointed towards the ground making it easy to grip and shoulder the bow from its resting position. Bungee Nylon Secures and Steadies aim when shouldered, greatly enhancing accuracy without a rest. Highly recommended for all crossbows. 

Fast, Secure Standard Picatinny Rail Mount 

Stretches for Improved Aim and Maneuverability 

Simple, Effortless On/Off Use 


  • 5

    Posted by Brad Hanssen on Sep 15th 2023

    Fits right where it belongs

  • 5
    Swat xp

    Posted by Bill on Jul 26th 2023

    What a bow!!! It’s not my first killer instinct bow but it’s my favorite!

  • 5
    Single point x-bow sling

    Posted by Chris Lit on Jul 26th 2023

    Great price, durable , quit and easy to install

  • 5
    Crossbow sling

    Posted by Michael Harriman on Oct 1st 2020

    Very simple to use very satisfied with it

  • 5
    KI Single Pt XB Sling - Amazing Value!

    Posted by NY Hunter on Jul 24th 2020

    Wow! I bought this yesterday and just put this on my Ripper 415 and am really impressed at the comfort, silence and maneuverability of the crossbow using this thing. Let's face it, crossbows are generally pretty heavy, especially when they've got some real juice like the Ripper 415. This sling has tight bungee material that doesn't sag under weight and is expertly stitched. The clip connect loop is real metal, not plastic, and clamps onto your picatinny, staying out of the way as you shoulder your weapon. The extra webbing for the detatchable clip are silenced by the elastic sleeve they get tucked into. The quick release clip is plastic, but quality, strong plastic that won't succumb to cold or general hunting use. This thing is a work of art, and at $20 for a solid piece of quality hunting gear, it's a no-brainer. Buy it, and you'll love it as I do! Here's to a Safe, Successful Hunting Season for Us ALL! -NY Hunter

  • 5
    Single point sling

    Posted by Jason H. on Jun 6th 2020

    Nice sling with a nylon strap buckle at the attachment point with a quick release clip instead of the usual game scaring loud noisy metal spring clip found on all "tactical " slings. good quality material and stitching. Win,win.

  • 5
    Single point sling...AWESOME

    Posted by Thomas Valentine on Jun 2nd 2020

    This is as advertised....great sling. Adjustable fit, durable and comfortable!

  • 4

    Posted by Lyle G Wollenhaupt on Apr 28th 2020

    Its a quality sling to be sure but i am new to the single point set up so im still getting used to it. I think it will work just fine.

  • 5

    Posted by Robby Venzon on Feb 16th 2020

    Very happy with the way the weight is distributed on my shoulder. Love the wide range of motion I have while having the sling on. The quick release is so convenient.