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Replacement Cable Slide


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    Cable slide

    Posted by Dylan on Sep 24th 2023

    Easy to put on and works great

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    Lethal 405 croossbow

    Posted by Everette Pashia lll on Jan 18th 2021

    I have had my. Lethal 405 for a couple months , only thing l have done to it was l upgraded my scope, and l put a shotgun. Pad on it. To make it fit me perfect , my 405. It is a nail driver , I shoot it everyday. At least a couple times. It will. Lay 1 on top the other ,at 57 yards it consistently shoot a group I can put my middle finger and thumb around , that is. So sweet, l out shoot my buddies that have a 1000 dollars in there crossbows. And have one back more $ than l have invested in my 405. . l always keep my strings waxed. and my rail lubed. . The Lethal 405 dollar for dollar. Is. The best value on the matket!! Hats off to Killer Instinct. For making a such a,high quality crossbow. That's affordable