Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of package is included with a Killer Instinct Crossbow?

A: All models come standard with Pro Package that includes a 4x32 Multi-Reticle Illuminated Scope, 3-Bolts with Field Points, Quiver, Quiver Bracket, String Suppressors, Rope Cocker and Rail Lube.


Q: What grain tip/head is recommended on the bolts?

A: 100-grain


Q: What broadheads and targets are recommended for my crossbow?

A: Both fixed and expandable broadheads will work out for your Killer Instinct crossbow, however, we recommend using an expandable broadhead for best accuracy down range. When selecting a Broadhead and Target, make sure they are both rated for the speed of your bow. Check your local game laws prior to selecting a broadhead.


Q: What bolt length is recommended?

A: Please reference the instruction manual included with your crossbows for proper bolt specifications. Or call Customer Service at (810) 626-3026 or


Q: Can I shoot ‘flat nocks’ out of my Killer Instinct Crossbow?

A: No, half-moon nocks are only approved, with the Exception of the SWAT (Flat Nocks).


Q: What are the reticles calibrated for in the scope included with my crossbow?

A: Generally, 20-60 yards with 10-yard increments.  Fine tuning may be required depending on setup & bolt weight.  


Q: How do I properly sight in my crossbow?

A: Starting at ten yards, shoot your crossbow into a target and adjust the scope until your bolt is hitting where you aim. Move back to the preferred yardage for your top reticle mark and shoot again. Re zero the bow to hit where you are aiming. EX.- If shooting at twenty yards and your crossbow is shooting two inches high and one inch to the left, adjust windage by turning counter clockwise approximately 16 clicks. Adjust the elevation turret by turning clockwise approximately 32 clicks to zero in the scope. A good rule of thumb is at 16 clicks, your aiming point will move one inch at twenty yards.


Q: What is the warranty on a Killer Instinct Crossbow?

A: Limited Lifetime, to the original owner if registered within 30 days of purchase.


Q: How does the warranty work?

A: The Limited Lifetime Warranty included on all New Killer Instinct Crossbows is activated by the Original Owner Customer registering the crossbow within 30 days of purchase. Every 3 years, customer must have their crossbow inspected by Authorized Killer Instinct Crossbow Dealer under ‘free lifetime service inspection’.  Service inspection does not cover costs of labor or material charges. Ware-able components are not covered under warranty. Scope, limb dampeners 1-year warranty.


Q: Where can I get my Killer Instinct Crossbow serviced?

A: At any Authorized Killer Instinct Dealer


Q: Where is the serial number located on my crossbow?

A: On the inside of your top limbs


Q: Am I responsible for return shipping on a warranty claim?

A: Yes, whether the crossbow is shipped back to the dealer or to Killer Instinct, shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


Q: Why should I Register my Crossbow?

A: Registering your crossbow activates your warranty. Product registration is for your safety and convenience. Unless you register your product, we will be unable to send you important updates about your crossbow.


Q: If I have my Killer Instinct crossbow film dipped, will this void the warranty?

A: Yes. Modifications or alterations to the original product will void the warranty. 


Q: How often do I need new string/cables?

A: Immediately replace worn, cut, or frayed string, serving and cables prior to shooting. String and cables should be replaced every three years under normal shooting conditions or sooner if signs of wear exist.


Q: How do I change my strings and cables?

A: When your crossbow needs new strings and cables we recommend taking your crossbow to an Authorized Killer Instinct Dealer.


Q: How often do the string/cables need to be waxed?

A: Once a month while in storage.  When shooting/in-use, every other time used.


Q: How often do I need to lube the barrel/rail?

A: Every 5-10 shots.


Q: How long can I leave my crossbow cocked?

A: No longer than 12 hours.  Do not leave crossbow cocked for extended periods of time or overnight past 12 hours.  


Q: How do I de-cock my crossbow after a hunt?

A: Remove hunting bolt with broadhead and re-load with practice bolt, then discharge crossbow into a practice target. Or, re-load with de-cocking bolt and fire into, rock/object free soil at 45-degree angle, 4-5 feet in front of you and in a safe direction. 


Q: Should there be a gap between the string suppressors and string when the crossbow is at rest?

A: Yes, approximately 3/32” (width of credit card).


Q: I can’t hold a consistent group when shooting my crossbow.

A: Check bolts for damage to shaft and fletching. Make sure all bolt screws are tight including scope base.  If inconsistent shooting continues, contact Killer Instinct Customer Service (810) 626-3026.


Q: Why won’t my crossbow catch the string when cocking?

A: With the crossbow uncocked, make sure the safety is in the fire ‘F’ position. If the safety is not in the fire ‘F’ position, reference the “Anti-Dry fire release mechanism” in the instruction manual.


Q: Is there a crank cocker available for my Killer Instinct Crossbow?

A: Killer Instinct offers a crank cocking device as an accessory for most Killer Instinct crossbows. Please visit the Cocking Devices Section of our website here to find which model is compatible to your bow.


Q: Is the scope that comes with Killer Instinct Crossbows illuminated?

A: Yes, with rheostat brightness adjustment


Q: Can I adjust the pull weight on my Killer Instinct Trigger?

A: No. Triggers are not adjustable and any work done to your bow not by an Authorized Killer Instinct Dealer will void the warranty.


Q: How long has Killer Instinct been around?

A: Killer Instinct was Established in 2013.


Q: Where are Killer Instinct Crossbows made?

A: Engineering, design, testing, sales, customer service and marketing are completed in our Frankenmuth, Michigan and Windom, Minnesota U.S. offices. The bows are manufactured in Taiwan.


Q: Why are the screws on my crossbow rusting?

A: This is caused by a chemical composition between aluminum components and steel hardware.  To prevent, store bow in safe dry area with minimal humidity.  Also, wipe down bow after use in rain with scent free lubrication. Wipe off any condensation that may accumulate after transitioning crossbow from cold to warm climate.